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How We Work Together . . .

     The individual and group coaching processes referred to below can be accessed in my office or they can be customized to meet the needs of organizations seeking on-site coaching for one or more members of the organization.

 • We begin by exploring your patterns of relating in the world, as well as the beliefs and expectations that support those patterns.

• We create a new story for living that offers possibilities never before recognized or considered.

• We agree to a schedule for one-on-one sessions, in-person or by telephone, based on your agenda. Length of sessions and term of contract are negotiated individually.

• If you are a local client you have the option of participating in a time-limited or ongoing coaching group as an adjunct to your individual coaching or therapy. The benefit of incorporating a group into your personal growth process is a profound connection with others who also desire challenge and support. This will facilitate deeper self-awareness, empowerment and commitment.

• In one-on-one sessions, I offer the use of EMDR, a powerful technique for accessing and strengthening untapped resources.