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         I have worked in the arena of life change, both as an educator and as a therapist prior to my coaching career. I have a Bachelor’s degree in education, and a Master’s degree. I also hold a license as a psychotherapist and am certified to provide supervision for other therapists. I established my private practice as a therapist in 1988 working with individuals, couples, families and groups to promote healing and growth. As an extension of this work, I also provide personal development,  relationship, career, and business coaching.  Family-Owned-Businesses are of special interest to me because of the extra value my expertise as a marriage and family therapist can contribute to the business coaching process. The facilitation of small growth-focused groups is one of my strongest passions. As a part of the coaching process, these groups allow all involved to experience the powerful life-changing dynamics that occur in safe, intimate, intentional interaction. As a spiritual being living in a material world, I bring to my client partnerships a commitment to help each person find their deepest calling. It is in responding to that call that each of us finds true satisfaction in life. My experience as a wife and mother of three adult children, as well as my love of music, art and dance, infuse my work with insight and creativity.