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Relationship Coaching / Therapy

Relationship coaching focuses on helping people find and maintain healthy, satisfying intimate relationships. A person who is single can benefit by the development or improvement of relationship skills as he or she looks forward to meeting a person who could be the other half of a life-long partnership. Individuals in relationship or couples working together can improve their current relationship by the enhancement of those same skills.

As in all areas of our lives, we develop patterns of behavior in relationships that are based on our underlying beliefs and expectations. These automatic, almost invisible beliefs and expectations are developed quite early in life as we each try to make sense out of our experiences. Our beliefs are strongly influenced by those patterns of behavior that were modeled by our families and other significant people in our lives. Our automatic behaviors can be strongly influenced by past trauma as well as by mood disorders or other mental health issues. As adults we can realize that some of our automatic behavior patterns create roadblocks to the kind of relationship we would like to have.

I work with relationship coaching clients to heighten their awareness of their own beliefs and automatic behavior patterns. We enhance those practices that serve them well in an intimate relationship, and work to change those patterns which cause distress or problems in an intimate relationship. We address those influences which set each person up to interact in ineffective ways, including past trauma or mental health issues. As a coach, I give you guidance, encouragement and support which create a safe arena for honest self-exploration, heightened motivation to make changes, and renewed commitment to yourself to live in ways that are more effective and fulfilling.

In relationship coaching, I work with you to:

  • Develop sophisticated communication skills.

  • Manage anger and conflict in productive, non-hurtful ways.

  • Enhance the expression of your love in sexual and non-sexual ways.

  • Increase the level of play and fun in your relationship.

  • Negotiate healthy boundaries, which allow for enough time together as well as time apart.

  • Deepen the level of trust in your relationship.

Please click on "How We Work Together" and "Coaching Groups" for more information on the individual and group coaching options that are available. Taking one of the relationship surveys could highlight the ways in which relationship coaching might be useful to you.

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