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Personal Coaching / Therapy

Personal coaching helps you to examine all aspects of your life. It focuses on life skills and personal development with the goal of helping you to achieve a deeper level of satisfaction, increased self-esteem and a sense of fulfillment in all aspects of your life. Since I bring psychotherapy skills to our work, we will address and try to minimize the impact of any mood disorder, past trauma, and the effect of unhealthy family relationships or other significant relationships.

As a coach, I explore with you the underlying beliefs which are the basis of all your feelings and actions. These beliefs are often subconscious and so taken for granted that they are automatic and thus invisible. By gaining awareness, a person can see where he or she has maintained self-limiting beliefs, and can then experiment with more self-fulfilling beliefs and behavioral options which haven't been considered before. Together, we identify the choices you've made which are working well and we try to enhance those. We then consider options for the choices you've made which haven't been productive or satisfying. We develop motivation and accountability for those choices that were well-considered, but failed for lack of follow-through. As your coach, I give you the kind of guidance, encouragement and support which create a safe arena for honest self-exploration, heightened motivation, and renewed commitment to yourself to live in ways that are more effective and fulfilling.

My intention as a coach is to help you develop a lifestyle that is built on your deepest values, passions, and skills, so that your life feels productive and rewarding. I strive to help you create your greatest dream for your life, so that you experience a deep sense of personal value and fulfillment.

I work with you to:

  • Create balance in all arenas of your life - work, relationships with family, friends, and children, spirituality, finances, recreation, and health.

  • Substitute self-enhancing beliefs for self-limiting beliefs.

  • Identify and enhance your unique values, passions, and gifts.

  • Develop sophisticated communication skills that will intensify your positive personal impact in all interactions.

  • Heighten your personal motivation and accountability.

Please click on How We Work Together and Coaching Groups for more information on the individual and group options for personal coaching. Taking the "Personal Coaching Survey" could highlight the ways in which personal coaching could be of value to you.
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