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Coaching Groups

     Welcome to the invigorating process of a coaching group.

     When a group of individuals intent on making changes in their life agree to an intense exploration of their own personal dynamics and their options for living life in a new way, marvelous things can occur. The insights of any one person will spark insights for others. The intimate and vulnerable sharing of life stories, current struggles, and new directions for living generate connections between people that motivate and support ongoing growth. Each person is empowered to recognize and risk the possibility of new behaviors. They begin to have a new impact in the world that results in a new response from others.

I offer coaching groups regularly in the following format, but will customize the process for companies who wish to offer the group to thier employees.

- The group meets for 2 hours one night a week for 12 weeks.

- Each participant commits to 4 hours of individual coaching during the course of those 12 weeks.

     The total fee if paying for the group out of pocket is $720. The group can often be billed to medical insurance. 

Call now for more information or to register for a group.