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Coaching for Family-Owned Businesses

Family-owned or family-managed businesses have some unique characteristics that can be great strengths or can be the source of internal problems for the organization. Coaching for those in management positions, for any individual working in such a business, or for teams of workers in the organization can help to facilitate the strengths and eliminate the problems related to family ownership or management.

The boundaries that have been established between the family business and other family interactions are often unclear or confusing. They can result in difficulties in work relationships as well as non-work relationships within the family. Issues that can be affected are communication patterns, conflict resolution strategies, role and responsibility confusions, advancement and recognition complications, power and control issues, difficulties in appropriate adult development for those in younger generations, and road blocks in the transition between generations of leadership. As an objective partner in assessing the business, I offer a safe arena for honest examination of what is working well and what patterns of interaction need to be adjusted in order that the company and the family relationships are strengthened. I offer encouragement and support so that motivation for change and accountability in the change process can result in greater effectiveness and satisfaction for all involved.

I work with you to:

  • Develop appropriate boundaries between family and business interactions.

  • Clarify roles and responsibilities within the organization.

  • Ensure an equitable promotion and reward system.

  • Develop sophisticated communication procedures and skills.

  • Improve conflict resolution strategies.

  • Empower those at all levels of the company to contribute at their highest level.

  • Achieve smooth transitions when an older generation retires and a younger one assumes greater responsibility.

Taking the "Survey for Family-Owned-Businesses" could highlight the ways in which coaching might be of value to individuals or teams within your organization.
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