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Career Coaching

Career coaching helps you to examine your work life in order to develop a new career path or to enhance your work skills and communication capabilities so that you will be working to your full potential in your current and future job positions. The goal is for you to achieve a sense of personal productivity and gratification in the work that you do.

The way in which we perform in our work lives is strongly influenced by the beliefs and expectations that we developed early in life. These beliefs, through which we see and judge all of our life circumstances, are almost invisible to us. Because they are so taken for granted, they stimulate automatic behavior patterns that influence our every action and interaction. The more we can become aware of those strongly held beliefs and expectations, the greater our ability to reassess how and why we do what we do. In coaching, we will strive to enhance those patterns which serve you well. As an objective partner in the process, I create a safe arena for honest self-exploration, so that can you recognize the ways in which some of your patterns limit or sabotage your efforts to be effective in your job. I offer encouragement and support in order to increase your motivation and accountability, so that in your renewed commitment to yourself, you can make the kinds of changes that result in greater effectiveness and sense of satisfaction in your work.

My intention as a coach is to help you develop a lifestyle that is built on your deepest values, passions, and skills. I aim to help you create your dream life, so that you experience a deep sense of personal value and fulfillment

I work with you to:

  • Evaluate and make decisions about your career path.

  • Develop sophisticated communication skills.

  • Improve you conflict resolution skills.

  • Put your natural creativity to use.

  • Increase your leadership and promotion potential.

  • Increase your earning potential.

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