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     As Sue Torfin - Life Fulfillment Coach, I work as a coach or therapist with individuals, couples, families, groups, and organizations to facilitate positive life change. Whether the client's primary motivation for seeking change is personal, relational, or business related, I work with every client to achieve those changes that will impact as many aspects of their life as possible, thus creating the greatest whole life satisfaction.

      Though some people seek coaching or therapy to resolve what they see as a serious problem like depression, my style emphasizes your feelings of wholeness and success while helping you find a life that is more impassioned, balanced, spiritually-grounded and satisfying. Through our partnership, we aim to resolve those issues that limit you and move on to discover and nurture your unique brilliance. This allows you to express in your life your inherent authentic gifts. All aspects of your life are important to this process. We explore career, family, relationships, spirituality, finances, health and recreation in order to form an agenda and set goals. Through deep listening, provocative questioning and truth telling in a safe environment, I facilitate realistic commitments that will move you toward being the person you were born to become.

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